SF officials to vote on scooter legislation after injuries, pain for neighbors

SAN FRANCISCO (KGO) -- Electric scooters have quickly become a cheap and convenient way to get around San Francisco. But San Francisco City Hall is cracking down on the scooter companies for allowing their riders to break so many laws.

One month ago, electric scooters appeared on San Francisco streets and sidewalks. While very popular, the latest in tech transportation has proved to be a pain.

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"Three scooters, one of them was sort of blocking the sidewalk," said Scott Polizzi, who lives on Hayes Street.

Polizzi said he broke his toe when he tripped on a Lime scooter in front of his house. "I'm sorry," he said, starting to cry.

He was moved to tears, not because of the pain, but because his injury has made it hard for him to take care of his sick wife, brother, and dog for the past 10 days. "I can't look after the people I'm responsible for," said Polizzi.

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At City Hall Monday, two things happened in separate efforts to move scooters into their legal lane.

The Transportation and Land Use Committee approved scooter permitting legislation written by Supervisor Aaron Peskin. "They're being used on the sidewalks, disabled people and families are having to dodge them."

The San Francisco City Attorney's Office sent a cease and desist unlawful operations letter to the three scooter companies, Lime, Spin, and Bird.

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If you've walked the streets of San Francisco recently, you've probably seen them -- motorized scooters parked randomly on the sidewalk.

Neighbors in Mission Bay tell ABC7 News there are usually scooters all over the neighborhood, but Monday they were notably absent.

"This morning when I woke up I didn't see any," said Mission Bay resident Mike Schorr. "That was unusual compared to the last three weeks."

The San Francisco Board of Supervisors has a full vote on the legislation Tuesday.

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