Jersey Pits Rescue gives New Jersey dogs a second chance at life

PATERSON, New Jersey -- Jersey Pits Rescue, a foster-based animal rescue group, is giving strayed, abandoned and surrendered dogs in New Jersey a second chance at life.

Their love for pit bulls and their mission to educate others on this particular breed, led Kay and Dani, co-owners of Jersey Pits Rescue, to start this organization.

"We love the challenge of pit bulls because there is a stereotype against them and a lot of people are afraid of them. We want to be their voice and advocate for them and educate the public that these dogs are inherently good and not dangerous monsters," said Kay, co-owner of Jersey Pits Rescue.

Kay and Dani along with volunteers work around the clock to help as many dogs as they can to find them a loving, permanent home away from danger and life-threatening situations.

"We see both ends of the spectrum. We have dogs that are surrendered to us in fairly good conditions physically, mentally and emotionally and then we see the absolute worst. We've had dogs that were set on fire, literally bleeding covered in scabs, " said Kay.

At the moment, Jersey Pits Rescue only rescues dogs throughout New Jersey and welcome donations as well as volunteers to join their mission.

"In the beginning, we don't see them at their best and at times they have their issues. But to be able to watch them grow and get past everything they've been through is a big part of why I wanted to work and started volunteering with pit bulls, "said Dani co-owner of Jersey Pits Rescue.

For more information on Jersey Pits Rescue, visit their website.


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