Mystery mower carves 'Trump' into Baytown lawn

BAYTOWN -- A Baytown neighborhood is all abuzz after "Trump" was mowed into a neighbor's front yard. One man claimed to have seen someone mowing the grass in the 100 block of N. Burnett Dr. Thursday, but the mystery mower's identity is still unknown.

"I think it's a little crazy," said neighbor Julie Oinonen. "I noticed when I was going to work the grass was laid over but I didn't know it actually said 'Trump' there."

Neighbors said the home has been vacant for a few years and no one has seen the owner recently. The lawn is neatly trimmed around the street and the driveway, but the rest of it is beginning to look overgrown.

People who don't even live in the Lakewood subdivision are driving by to take a look.

"I wish I'd thought of something that funny because that's a real funny neighborhood prank. But I don't know [who did it]. Trump all the way," said Jeremy Fallin, whose father lives across the street.

Without knowing who cut the grass or why, it's unclear if this is a presidential prank or a big show of support.
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