Donald Trump Jr. and Kimberly Guilfoyle in San Francisco for Trump campaign fundraiser

SAN FRANCISCO (KGO) -- Donald Trump Jr. and former San Francisco First Lady Kimberly Guilfoyle were in San Francisco for a Trump campaign fundraiser.

ABC7 News saw the couple arrive at the Fairmont hotel Wednesday night.

According to the SF Chronicle, the exclusive fundraiser was hosted by Dede Wilsey, the former chairman of the Fine Art Museum of San Francisco, and Giants part-owner Debby Magowan. Tickets ranged from $1,000 a person to $35,000 for a couple.

Fearing protests, the location of the fundraiser was kept largely a mystery.

"Some ugly things have happened recently to the Trump family and I think they'd like to avoid that," John Dennis, the chair of the San Francisco Republicans, told ABC7 News.

When then-candidate Donald Trump visited the Bay Area in 2016, protests got so heated he was forced to get out of his motorcade and walk along a highway.

While President Trump may avoid San Francisco in 2020, the Bay Area is still an important place for his campaign to get cash. The fundraiser Wednesday night is part of the Trump campaign's aggressive fundraising efforts.

"His campaign this time is not self-funded.," ABC News Political Director Rick Klein explained. "He needs the money. He needs to raise it. So, he needs to keep those California donors flowing."
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