Mom requests birthday cards for daughter with Down syndrome

Wednesday, February 11, 2015
Mom requests birthday cards for daughter with Down syndrome
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Ashley Diaz is turning 25 years old. Her mother wants 2,500 birthday cards for the young woman with Down Syndrome.

WHITTIER, Calif. -- Ashley Diaz is turning 25 years old on Feb. 19, and her mom wants to celebrate with 2,500 cards.

Ashley has Down syndrome and needs constant care from her mother, Cindy. She's hoping the generosity of strangers will help brighten Ashley's day.

"We wanted to do this event just that she could have a celebration. She doesn't have a big circle of friends and so we wanted to do something different for her 25th birthday," said Cindy Diaz.

Cindy set up a Facebook page called Ashley & Me to document Ashley's journey.

"The message is for awareness, that Ashley and people with disabilities do have a family and that they're loved and they can be a good part of the community," said Cindy.

She posted the request for 2,500 cards to the page. The family has already received more than 350 cards from all over the world.

Most send cards but some send gifts. Ashley received a Hello Kitty purse, a clock, some cash and pictures of her favorite musician, Justin Bieber.

"Its been a great experience to see Ashley's eyes light up when she gets the cards," said Cindy. "She spends time looking at each card and reading them, its been a very good learning experience also."

Ashley has trouble communicating, but her smile while looking at the cards says it all. When asked if receiving cards makes her happy, Ashley emphatically replies, "Yes!"

This story was posted to the ABC7 Facebook page using the hashtag #ABC7Eyewitness in hopes that Eyewitness News viewers might consider sending Ashley a card.

To send a card, the address is:

Ashley Diaz

P.O. Box 9268

Whittier, CA 90608

Ashley poses with family and ABC7 reporter Elex Michaelson.