Michelle Obama Elementary to be new name of school in Richmond

RICHMOND, Calif. (KGO) -- Parents and faculty of Woodrow Wilson Elementary School were celebrating Thursday morning after the school board voted unanimously to change the Richmond school's name to Michelle Obama Elementary School.

"I think it is really exciting. We always welcome Michelle Obama into any facet of our life. I think she is a fantastic woman, a great supporter of our nation and our children. I couldn't be more thrilled," said parent Rachel Melby.

PTA President Maisha Cole advocated for the name change- and was there last night when the school board voted unanimously to change the name.

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"I'm just so proud words cannot...usually I am a chatty person and last night I had no words. I am thrilled," she said.

Woodrow Wilson is under construction right now and parents suggested the newly remodeled building should have a new name. Organizers say there was some debate over who to name the school after.

"We just had a couple of people suggest different names in terms of Richmond community leaders and our argument wasn't that we were taking away from other leaders, our argument was just we really love Michelle Obama," Cole explained.

Fourth grade teacher Marcella Jamerson said she looks forward to walking into school in the fall, when the new building with the new name is set to open.

"I'll walk in a little taller, a little ready to work harder. I mean we already work hard because we love our students and our parents, but it is real motivating. I mean we had a choice and we chose Michelle Obama, said Jamerson as she headed in to class.

They hope to have a ribbon cutting ceremony in August and are hoping the Former First Lady will attend.

"She has to come! Any way we can get here out here. I mean I am putting out all the positive energy in the universe to get her out here," said Cole.

There is a school named after Michelle Obama in Southern California but this is the first one in Northern California to honor Mrs. Obama.

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