ABC7's Spencer Christian opens up about gambling addiction on GMA

NEW YORK (KGO) -- ABC7 Weather Anchor Spencer Christian is opening up about his challenges in life.

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Spencer's new book, "You Bet Your Life," came out earlier this month. In the book, Spencer reveals very personal details, including his struggle with a gambling addiction. He says it was a big problem during the 13 years he was forecasting the weather on Good Morning America.

Spencer returned to the GMA studio to discuss the secret he was hiding.

VIDEO: 'I knew I was living a lie' ABC7's Spencer Christian's heartfelt message on gambling addiction
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Our colleague Spencer Christian was on Good Morning America this morning, but not as a guest weather anchor. He was there to talk about a secret he kept hidden for years.

"I still don't know how I was able to hide it as well as I did. I knew that I was living a lie. I was being deceptive. People had this one image of me, which was a real part of who I was, but I was hiding this other part of me, which was just as real, and it was self-destructive and damaging," said Christian.

Spencer talked more about the turning point in his life and how he beat his addiction.

Click here to watch the full interview.

VIDEO: Spencer Christian talks inspiration for new book 'You Bet Your Life'
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Our own Spencer Christian has written a new book called, "You Bet Your Life." Watch his interview with Dan Ashley, who has known Spencer for years.

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