BEHIND THE SCENES: Bay Area entrepreneurs hope for 'bite' from 'Shark Tank' casting team in SF

SAN FRANCISCO (KGO) -- ABC7 News went behind the scenes as hundreds of entrepreneurs pitched their best ideas to Shark Tank's casting team in San Francisco!

The process was simple. Entrepreneurs stood in line outside 1445 Market Street, some since 2:30 a.m. Wednesday, and got wristbands before heading inside the building to make their pitches, which began shortly after 10 a.m.

Just before they went inside the pitching room, casting producer Mindy Zemrak gave a pep talk highlighting the most important things they look for when listening to pitches. "Having energy and passion goes a really long way...and really knowing your numbers as far as sales and what you will need an investment for. Also, being able to differentiate what makes you stand out between any other competitors. For example, what makes you better, different and unique," she said.

From "My New Arms" to a "Sitting Spa," there were no shortage of creative products and ideas.

"New Arms is a garment that helps women hide their unsightly arms, holding everything in tight and it's invisible to the eye. I invented this because I hated my arms," creator of My New Arms Margo Zatkovich said.

Among the sea of creators were Designs by Siri and Forever Glass. Both of these companies pitched products that help those with autism.

Forever Glass' Bernadette told ABC7 News that they focus on hiring adults with autism hoping to give them skills and independence. "We take recycled glass bottles and spin the hot molten glass into one-of-a-kind keepsake bowls," she said.

Designs by Siri trains people with autism, showcases their talents and sells the products they make aimed to boost their self esteem and lead a productive life.

Zemrack added that it's 50 percent about your company and 50 percent about your back story.

More than 200 entrepreneurs waited in a line that started forming on Market Street since 2:30 a.m. Each candidate got one minute to pitch their idea to a group of casting producers inside the pitching room.

Sitting Spa inventor Susan Katz shares her pitch with ABC7!

Shark Tank casting producer gives entrepreneurs pitching pep talk

Bay Area entrepreneurs practice their pitch for Shark Tank casting team in SF
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