Oscar winner gives shout out to San Jose street in acceptance speech

SAN JOSE, Calif (KGO) -- John Ottman won an Oscar for best film editing for his work on Bohemian Rhapsody.

As he thanked his parents during his acceptance speech, he also gave a shout out to his hometown of San Jose and his childhood street, Normington Way.

"I'm saying, 'oh Normington Way,' and then I go, 'what!? Like that!'" John Hinman, a Normington Way resident said. "That was the reaction of all the other people."

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Long before the success of Bohemian Rhapsody, Ottman, or Johnny as several neighbors call him, was a student at Gunderson High School.

He lived on Normington Way across the street from Tom Small. Ottman cast Small as a bartender in one of his first films made in his parents' garage. Ottman was in high school at the time.

"It was a ghost spooky movie," Small said. "We had dry ice blowing through the house."

Small said Ottman was dedicated to turning his dreams into a career. He was thrilled to see his former neighbor win an Oscar.

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"We were so excited," Synthia Cucchiara, a former Normington Way resident said. "So happy for John and Mary, the mom and dad, that they were able to experience that and actually be there with him."

Neighbors told ABC7 News the Ottmans moved from Normington Way about two years ago. However, the family has now helped contribute to a new name the community is tossing around for the street. Many jokingly said it's where the "stars" live.

"This is the residence of the stars, yes," Hinman said.

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