Police say 1 baby dead, 1 in hospital after twin newborns were found near a dumpster in Fairfield

Wednesday, July 31, 2019
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Police say one baby has died and the other has been hospitalized after twin newborns were found near a large outdoor trash container in Fairfield.

FAIRFIELD, Calif. (KGO) -- Two newborn babies, twins, were found on the ground next to dumpsters, in Solano County Tuesday. Police found the babies around 4 pm.

"Both infants appeared to be in distress. The officer started life-saving efforts with one of the infants and then turned care over to our fire department. And that infant was subsequently transported to a local hospital. Unfortunately, the other infant was already deceased and died here on scene, there's nothing the officer or fire personnel could do," said Lt. Jausiah Jacobsen with the Fairfield Police Department.

Fairfield police officers found the babies' mother around the corner, on the sidewalk on Central Place, near Hwy 80.

"Based off her appearance, it was obvious she had recently given birth," said Lt. Jacobsen.

"It's heartbreaking, it's a very disturbing story," said Joe Frundl, the co-owner of Cenario's Pizza. He believes the mother is a woman who has been hanging around the area for the past few weeks. He says she would occasionally use the restaurant bathroom.

"I didn't know she was pregnant until my employees told me. I saw her last night when I was leaving, she was walking along the back of the building."

Frundl's restaurant is next door to a pharmacy and health center. Frundl spoke to the pharmacist who said the woman slept on his doorstep. Frundl said the pharmacist called 911, when he saw the woman in distress.

"When she did wake up, she kept rubbing her back, like she was in a lot of pain," said Frundl, referencing the conversation he had with the pharmacist.

The mother was taken to a hospital and detained. The baby that did survive, is reportedly in stable condition.

There are many safe surrender sites in communities throughout California, where parents can safely surrender their babies.