Famed 'Fearless Girl' statue placed at New York Stock Exchange

LOWER MANHATTAN -- The famed "Fearless Girl" statue that was near Wall Street was unveiled at her new home outside the New York Stock Exchange on Monday.

A dedication ceremony took place outside the exchange.

WATCH Monday morning's unveiling ceremony

The 4-foot-tall bronze sculpture was moved from Lower Manhattan last week. For about a year and a half, she faced the popular "Charging Bull" statue.

The hands-on-hips bronze statue was intended as a temporary display when the Boston-based State Street Global Advisors installed it in March 2017 to encourage corporations to put more women on their boards, but the city decided to keep it after an online petition was started.

Tourists flocked to a traffic island for selfies with the bronze celebrity, but city officials said the crowds were causing a traffic hazard.

A plaque was placed at the Wall Street location.

The bull will join the Fearless Girl at a later date.
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