Growing memorial for 2 teens killed in Antioch car crash

ANTIOCH, Calif. (KGO) -- There's a growing memorial in Antioch for two teens killed in a car crash Friday night. Four other teens are hospitalized with injuries.

The memorial is filled with flowers, stuffed animals, candles and cards where the fatal crash happened Friday night on Lone Tree Way and Indian Hill Drive in Antioch.

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Authorities says speed and slick roads were likely the cause.

Six teenagers were in the car that wrapped around a tree.

Seventeen-year-old Leanna Rubin and 13-year-old Jaia Lightner were killed in the crash.

Lightner attended Delta Vista Middle School where she's being remembered Monday.

"Since it's happened, I feel like I'm just in a light fog," said her aunt, Charnell McCoy-Carral.

"Just a good, well-rounded fun-loving pre teen girl that you could just fall in love with," she explained.

The teens had just left a basketball game at nearby Deer Valley High School. Jaia's Aunt says Jaia was in the passenger seat and was not wearing her seatbelt. She was thrown from the car.

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"We're gonna miss her, we're gonna miss her," said McCoy-Carral.

The other teens have injuries ranging from moderate to life-threatening.

"Even as teenagers you don't know you think you know but you don't so you have to listen because in a split second your life will be either taken, you will take a life or you're gonna change a life and there's nothing good that comes out of that," said McCoy-Carral.

On Tuesday night, a vigil will be held at the Walmart parking lot across the street from the memorial at 4893 Lone Tree Way. The Vigil will be held at 7:30 p.m.
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