Aerial drone is no match against hawk in new video

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Friday, October 10, 2014

As the popularity and usage of drones increases, one problem many have warned about were the dangers to wildlife. But few predicted that wildlife would be as much of a danger to the drones. When a hawk mistakes an aerial drone for some tasty prey, the defenseless drone is no match for the apex predator of the skies.

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The drone's pilot, Christopher Schmidt said he was flying his quadcopter at Magazine beach Park in Cambridge on October 8th, when a hawk decided to attack it, sending the drone into a spin.

Schmidt then throttled the propellers down to prevent the bird getting hurt by the dangerous blades. This resulted in the drone falling back to the earth in forfeit to the fight, and the hawk victoriously retreating back into the sky.

Reportedly, neither the hawk or the drone appeared to be injured.

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