Hillsborough homeowners fight proposed cell towers

HILLSBOROUGH, Calif. (KGO) -- Homeowners in Hillsborough turned out en mass to speak out against 16 proposed cell towers that would be built near homes-in some cases, practically in people's front yards-and the towers could be as high as 55 feet tall.

At a community meeting Thursday night, residents packed into the tiny Town Hall and overflow room.

They told town officials and representatives from Crown Castle, the company that would build the towers for Verizon, in no uncertain terms that they will not allow the towers to be built.

They are angry that they didn't receive more notice about the application for the towers.

Also, they argue the towers will be too tall, too ugly, could cause health problems, create noise pollution, and will decrease their property values -- not to mention, homeowners say the towers are unnecessary as Verizon coverage in the area is already very good.

A representative from Crown Castle disputed those concerns saying the towers would be disguised and meet town and federal regulations.

Town Manager, Kathy Leroux, has the power to approve or deny the applications.

She told ABC7 News that no decision has been made yet.

She is scheduled to take action on December 21st.
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