Investigators try to determine if suspect linked to 2 stabbings in San Mateo County

DALY CITY, Calif. (KGO) -- Skyline Boulevard up in the hills of rural San Mateo County was blocked off for a second day, following an investigation into a second fatal stabbing on the same road.

On Tuesday night, sheriff deputies were searching for evidence into the first fatal stabbing, which occurred on Monday. That's when they found another stabbing victim, 31-year-old John Sione Pekipaki, who was screaming for help. Deputies say they then saw a man drive a car towards them.

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"A deputy fired at the oncoming vehicle, which was driving towards the victim and both deputies. The suspect was not hit by gunfire, but the vehicle went off the roadway and into a ditch," says Lt. Stephanie Josephson with San Mateo County Sheriff's Department.

The suspect was identified as Malik Dosouqi, 26, of Pacifica.

Lt. Josephson says Dosouqi was being treated for an injury to his arm. Once cleared from the hospital, she says he will be booked into San Mateo County Jail.

Jeremy Manukainiu grew up with Dosouqi, but says they grew apart in high school. He describes the Dosoqui family as "good people" with a strong work ethic. However, he noticed Malik become more reclusive over the past three years.

"I just noticed that he was being weird. Just kept to himself," says Manukainiu. "He'd walk by our house and stand in front of our driveway, and just stare at us. Stand for a couple of seconds. Stare at us. And then continue what he is doing."

Investigators are trying to determine a motive, and if Dosoqui is the suspect in the first stabbing as well.

The first stabbing victim is 32-year-old Adbel Malek Nasher, a Yemeni immigrant, who lived in Pacifica with his wife and four-year-old daughter.

His family met with the Mansoor Ismael, the Honorary Consul from the San Francisco Yemeni consulate.

"The wife is crying, and she is asking for the death penalty," says Ismael. He says he knew Nasher for over 10 years and described him as a devoted family man with a great personality.

Ismael says Nasher was a taxi driver and that Dosouqi could have been one of his clients. But the family still doesn't know how the two men ended up in a secluded part of San Mateo County.

"We don't know if he was the customer. We are waiting for the investigation from the district attorney and sheriff's department," says Ismael.
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