Concord police seek suspect in $200,000 jewelry theft at Sears

CONCORD, Calif. (KGO) -- Once everyone was gone from the Sears in Concord last Friday night, a man, caught on surveillance video, went to work. He had been hiding inside the store. Today customers expressed their curiosity.

"Is he crouching in the bathroom like nobody will notice, 'I'm here, I'm going to steal some stuff?'" said Justin Spurlock, Benicia resident.

Police think they know.

"We believe that he might have been in a storage locker or storage room in the back of Sears," said Sgt. Carl Cruz, Concord police.

Police said the man looked around the store until he decided to steal what was inside one of the jewelry cases, nearly 130 expensive rings.

"Merchandise in excess of $200,000 stolen," said Cruz.

The robbery wasn't discovered until Saturday morning once the store opened. The man may have left through one of the exit doors that has quick release bars.

"It makes me very sad to think that people want gifts so badly at Christmas and they forget what the holiday spirit is so they just want to get something for other and they steal things," said Audrey Weidenheimer, Oakley resident.

Others found the entire story amusing.

"I can't believe Sears of all places, somebody would stay behind in the store and take something, anything," said Hilary Palonsky, Danville resident.

"You don't shop here I take it?" asked ABC7's Lyanne Melendez.

"I'll take the 5th," said Palonsky.

"I'm usually in their tool department, that's where I would be. I would be carrying the tools out after everyone left," said Pete Janke, Pinole resident.

Police are hoping the public will help identify him since he made no effort to hide his face, wearing a baseball cap back to front.

"Criminals are not very bright," said Cruz.
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