Judge Persky under fire again over athlete case involving domestic violence

PALO ALTO, Calif. (KGO) -- Critics against a judge in the Brock Turner sex assault case say he's handed out another lenient punishment.

The concern is whether this a political move or another defendant getting a break because he's an athlete. That's part of the debate over the case, which is being heard in Palo Alto.

Keenan Smith, 20, entered the courtroom Tuesday morning for a probation violation inquiry. He is a sophomore football player at the college of San Mateo.

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Last year, he agreed to a plea deal for domestic abuse against his girlfriend and was required to attend domestic violence prevention classes for a year and perform 28 days of community service.

However, this case has become more about judge Aaron Persky who was criticized for what many called a lenient sentence for former Stanford swimmer Brock Turner.

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Stanford law professor Michele Dauber is behind the recall effort for Persky and pointed to Smith as another example of a college athlete getting a lenient sentence in a case involving violence against a woman and then not being held accountable when he violates his probation requirements.

Smith recently had an unexcused absence for missing one of his required weekend programs.

According to the probation department, Smith said it was because his football team bus arrived home very late after a Friday night game.

The probation department says Smith is attempting to be responsible and follow court orders.

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