Alternate juror in Kate Steinle trial says 'jury didn't botch' verdict

SAN FRANCISCO (KGO) -- For the first time, one of the alternate jurors who served in the Kate Steinle murder trial is speaking out.

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In an article posted on Politico called "I saw the Kate Steinle Murder Trial Up Close. The Jury Didn't Botch It," Phil Van Stockum details why he believes the jury was right to find Jose Ines Garca Zarate not guilty last week.

It was a verdict that stunned the Bay Area and the nation.

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Van Stockum writes that it seemed clear to him that the evidence against Zarate didn't support the requirements of premeditation for the murder charges. Van Stockum also explained why the jury found Zarate not guilty of manslaughter saying in part quote: "Only a single particle of gunshot residue was found on the defendant's hands, which seems to support his repeated claim that the gun was wrapped in some sort of fabric when he picked it up and caused it to fire."

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