Victim of landslide at San Francisco's Fort Funston still missing

SAN FRANCISCO (KGO) -- The high tide and current weather conditions are putting a stop in the recovery efforts for the missing woman in the Fort Funston landslide.

"The NPS recovery team will assess the conditions of the beach and sandy bluff search area when current storms pass and hope to utilize long-boom excavators to work safely on the beach surf area," said Charlie Strickfaden, Communications Director for Golden Gate National Recreation Area.

TIMELINE: Fort Funston has a long history of erosion

For decades, Fort Funston has had a history of erosion and Friday's incident, according to a USGS geologist, was a matter of time.

"We've measured rates of erosion for Fort Funtson that are 2-4 times the average rate of cliff erosions throughout the state, so its naturally one of those places that is eroding faster than the rest of California," said USGS geologist Jon Warrick.

On Friday, for more than 3 hours over 60 firefighters and bystanders frantically shoveled and searched for the woman buried under the landslide, 3 days later she still hasn't been found.

"There are signs but people but people just don't look at the signs. It would be nice if they put some fencing or gates around... because dogs like to roam around," said dog walker Steph Contreras.

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The landslide area is currently closed off to the public. SF Board of Supervisors Norman Yee represents this district and said he'll be contacting federal authorities about Cliffside safety.

"We need to clearly mark the pathway in which people should be on and if there is any way we can shorten it up a little bit so it doesn't slid as often as it does we should be doing that," said Yee.

The names of the woman who survived and her missing friend have yet to be released.
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