Miyoko's Creamery now hiring food scientists, researchers and more

SAN FRANCISCO (KGO) -- Miyoko Schinner is the founder and CEO of Miyoko's Creamery. Her Petaluma-based company makes vegan cheese and butter.

"We've been growing at about 100% year over year since I started the company 6 years ago," Schinner said. "In fact, last year during the pandemic, we hired over 50 people."

"We call ourselves the compassion centered company," Schinner continued. "That sounds awfully strange perhaps, but we are a company not only with a mission, but we consider ourselves a mission with the company. We're here to change the food system and make it more equitable for all people."

There are openings for food scientists, researchers and other unique roles, one of which runs the company's "farm conversion" initiative.

"The dairy industry has been struggling for a long time," Schinner said. "We're trying to partner with diary farmers in California that are perhaps open to the idea of growing crops instead of cows. We'll help fund that person, provide that livelihood. We're looking for someone to run that farm conversion program as well."

If you don't see a position you like, send Schinner your resume anyway. She's a chef and runs a farm animal sanctuary. She's open to ideas.

"We keep that resume on file and all of the sudden it's like you know what? We actually have a role for this person now," Schinner said.

Miyoko's Creamery provides employees with health benefits, 401k, a tuition reimbursement program and lots of food at the office.

"We're a food company," Schinner replied. "We're going to feed you food. We have a fulltime kitchen staff and we provide meals all day long free of charge to all of our employees and their families when they are in need."

"To a job seeker out there, don't give up," Schinner said. "There is an opportunity for you and one of them might be right here at Miyoko's."

For more information on employment opportunities at Miyoko's click, here.


Company: Miyoko's Creamery
Job: Sustainability Manager
Duties: Address Miyoko's Creamery approach to environmental responsibility with the goal of minimizing environmental impact.
Requirements: Degree in Agricultural Science, Environmental Studies or related field required. Experience developing or maintaining sustainability-based initiatives, etc.
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