Woman sues CVS, alleges she was denied 'morning after' pill

A woman said her two local pharmacies refused to sell her a "morning after" pill when she needed it, and now she's filing suit against the drug stores.

Andrea Anderson, a Minnesota mom to five and licensed foster parent, said that after her birth control failed, she asked her doctor for a prescription for the emergency contraceptive.

She went to Thrifty White, the only pharmacy in her town, and claimed the pharmacist couldn't help her based on his beliefs.

"He said, 'I don't feel comfortable, that goes against what I believe,' and all a sudden, it clicked, and I said, What?" she said.

She then went to a local CVS, where she was again turned away. Anderson was finally able to get her prescription at a Walgreens -- 50 miles away. She said she had to drive through a snowstorm.

Now Anderson and her lawyers alleged that these pharmacists violated the Minnesota Human Rights Act by discriminating against her on the basis of sex.

"We want to make sure no matter where you live in Minnesota, you can get your prescriptions filled, and no matter the beliefs of your providers, you can access health care," said Jess Braverman, a gender justice attorney.

Thrifty White said the pharmacist in question no longer works there and that it is "happy to fill any prescriptions brought in to the pharmacy"

CVS told ABC News it is "committed to providing access to emergency contraception" and it will "review and investigate the allegations made in the complaint."
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