Families affected by tragedy seek refuge in new safety measure for San Mateo Coastline

SAN MATEO, Calif. (KGO) -- Two families are trying to move past their heartache with a push for a safety measure. Richard Moss' family has been searching for him for weeks. He was last seen driving down the San Mateo coastline in late May.

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Missing posters are a painful reminder for two families who lost loved ones in similar circumstances.

"They're both the baby of the family," said Richard's father Dan. "They both have a letter R. A lot of coincidences."

Moss, 22, was last seen May 25 before he left to drive along the coast to work. His AAA card washed up in late June on Montara State Beach. Search teams also recently located what's believed to be the wheel of his car.

When ABC7 News arrived, deputies say 20-year-old Rose Dealba was traveling north when her car veered off the highway into the ocean in the same area.

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"Our whole thing is about putting in rails so that nobody has to die," Dan said.

Rose Dealba's body was found, but her car was never located. Moss' remains have not been found.

Dan is pushing for Caltrans to install cement barriers along a stretch of Highway One. For now, volunteers will continue searching for his son this weekend.

"He just laughed and smiled, that's how Richard was," said Susan Richards, Moss' daycare teacher. "He was just an angel."

The Moss family hopes the diligent work of law-enforcement and volunteers brings closure.
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