Community on edge after rope resembling a noose found near Oakland elementary school for 2nd time

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Monday, September 9, 2019
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A rope resembling a noose was found near an elementary school in Oakland and this is not the first time this has happened.

OAKLAND, Calif. (KGO) -- A rope that some people in the community say looks like a noose, was found near an elementary school in Oakland and this is not the first time this has happened.

The first incident took place on Aug. 21 when a rope resembling a noose was found on the fence of Chabot Elementary School. A parent reported to Oakland Police that their child had found a rope on the floor near the school and tossed it to the fence.

The Oakland Unified School District reported the incident as "an accident."

On Sept. 6, a second rope resembling a noose was found hanging on the fence of a batting cage on the side of the school's property.

"You hear the chatter in the neighborhood and I think everyone is a little on edge," said Oakland resident, Jason Dobert.

A sight that weighs heavy and brings back imagery of America's history of slavery and violence against African-Americans.

"It has really set our community on edge. It has really brought up all these harsh emotions from a lot of people rightfully so. A noose is a symbol of the hatred and the ugly history that we have in America," said Oakland Unified School District's spokesperson, John Sasaki.

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Several parents in the neighborhood say it's created an uncomfortable feeling for many who visit Chabot Recreation Area where the second rope was found.

"We don't have too many issues going on here and everybody seems pretty neighborly and nice. It's definitely concerning considering that this is an elementary school with children," said Dobert.

The OUSD reported checking surveillance cameras in the area and contacting the FBI to investigate.

"We did hear one individual who said they thought maybe that rope was put there by some teenagers who like to claim on top of the batting cages to hang out," said Sasaki.

According to the OUSD, the FBI hasn't found any evidence of a hate crime.

"We've been offering extra support and mental health support for anyone that has been stressed by this whole thing and also this coming week we're going to have more police patrols at the school," said Sasaki,