Oakland family mourns after woman killed, 4-year-old girl injured in hit-and-run

OAKLAND, Calif. (KGO) -- A woman was killed and a four-year-old girl was injured after a car hit them in Oakland Tuesday, according to Oakland Police Department.

Michelle Nguyen said, "She came here for a better life for me and my brother and the family. She was a stay at home mom and cared about us. Every day she'd be there."

At 11:20 AM everything changed when a hit and run driver killed Huong Truong as she crossed 22nd and Foothill Boulevard with her four-year-old niece, Ellie.

Ellie was also hurt-- the little girl suffered injuries to her head and to her stomach. Truong's family, meantime, is devastated.

Hoa Nguyen, Truong's husband, spoke with us through an interpreter who said, "He's very upset right now. What makes him more upset is whoever is responsible for this accident he or she should have stopped it."

Oakland police have released few details including the make and model of the car. They are scouring the neighborhood for leads.

Officer Felicia Aisthorpe said, "So right now the investigators are following up with witnesses and checking for surveillance video in the area."

According to many who live nearby, a lot of speeders go through here.

Resident Ruben Zepeda said, "A lot of cars coming up fast. People that don't stop. There's a lot of accidents right here."

Nguyen's family friend Phuc Tran said, "People drive so fast. We have to do something before it happens again."
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