Oakland students, administrators safe after lockdown situation

Byby Melanie Woodrow KGO logo
Saturday, February 18, 2017
Oakland students, administrators safe after lockdown situation
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Two high schools were put on lockdown Friday afternoon when they found themselves in the middle of a stand-off between Oakland police and a man identified as Jesse Enjaian armed with a rifle and a scope.

OAKLAND, Calif. (KGO) -- Students and faculty at Bishop O'Dowd High School and Francophone Charter School of Oakland found themselves in the middle of a standoff between Oakland Police and a man armed with a rifle and scope later identified as Jesse Enjaian.

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"It was a nerve-wracking situation," said the Principal of Bishop O'Dowd High School James Childs.

"I had a split second where I thought I hope I just hope nothing happens here," said the Director of Francophone Charter School of Oakland Lori Macdonald.

"It's very frightening to know that that was happening in such close proximity," said Miriam Hanlon.

Hanlon was at the charter school with her 5 and 7-year-old daughters when the school's director got a call from police first saying to lockdown, then five minutes later to evacuate the school.

Macdonald asked, "'Are we hearing you correctly you really want us to leave,' And they said, 'Yes and they even told us what direction to go.'"

As the charter school students headed South, police gave Bishop O'Dowd High School administrators similar directions.

"We said look we want you to check that information bc we have 1300 people on campus," said Childs.

The school's principal says police then told administrators to remain on lockdown.

"It was really quiet and it was pretty dark and cold. I had a friend who was in the ceramics room and she said she could hear gunshots and some of the police radios," said Bishop O'Dowd Sophomore Lauren Lafferty.

"She was communicating to me that the police were on campus so I felt very much O'Dowd was doing a good job," said her mom Michelle Delphey.

Students sent texts to their parents. One said, "We're all just sitting here on the floor" and "No one is really worried."

"She actually sent me a Snapchat that said you know lockdown say a prayer," said mom Tere Hanson.

"I'm just glad of course my kids and I we're okay," said Hanlon.

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These were tense moments that ended with no one at either school injured.