Unsuspecting tourists surprised with visit to Oscars ceremony

HOLLYWOOD, LOS ANGELES -- Unsuspecting tourists aboard a Hollywood tour bus were treated to the surprise of their lives with a trip to the 89th Oscars ceremony.

"Most every tourist who comes to Hollywood thinks they're going to see famous people when they get here," host Jimmy Kimmel said.

Kimmel said many out-of-towners go on bus tours to take them to stars' homes, hoping to catch a glimpse of a celebrity.

"Unless Gary Busey wanders out on the lawn in his underpants, they don't see anybody," the host quipped.

Throughout the ceremony, audience members were given glimpses of the bus traveling through the streets of Hollywood.

Kimmel said the people aboard the bus were told they were being taken to the Dolby Theatre to enjoy a special exhibit of dresses and gowns worn at the Oscars.

"In a way it's true. They will see dresses and gowns, they will be on people," Kimmel said. "They don't know it but the moment they open the door, they're going to be on live TV and we're going to surprise them."

And what a surprise it was! Kimmel told the crew to turn off the lights and instructed the audience members to yell, "Mahershala!" when the lights turned back on.

At the end of a short countdown, the stunned visitors entered the room. Most were recording with their cellphones as the spotlight followed them across the front of the stage.

Kimmel introduced a man named Gary from Chicago to Nicole Kidman, Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone.

When Kimmel found out that Gary's fiancee was also on the tour with him, he asked who her favorite actor was. Her reply: "That man over there," as she pointed directly at Denzel Washington.

Washington promptly got up from his seat, approached the soon-to-be newlyweds, grab their hands and pronounced them "husband and wife."

"He's Denzel, so it's legal," Kimmel said.

Kimmel then pointed out Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux. Kimmel urged Aniston to "give them something from your purse" as a wedding gift. Aniston gave a pair of sunglasses to Gary's fiancee, who gladly put them on.

The visitors then made their way in front of the crowd and stopped to shake Meryl Streep's hand. Kimmel made sure to reiterate that Streep was "overrated."

While introducing Casey Affleck, who is nominated for best actor for his role in "Manchester by the Sea," Kimmel told the visitors to "ignore the jerk behind him," while motioning to Matt Damon.

Kimmel and Damon's battle as longtime foes has been well documented on "Jimmy Kimmel Live!"

After ushering his new friends away from Damon, Kimmel invited them to touch Mahershala Ali's Oscar he just won for best supporting actor in the film, "Moonlight."

Gary even had Ali take a selfie with him holding the award.

Chicago immediately showed their love for #GaryFromChicago. The Chicago Bulls tweeted "Gary from Chicago! We've got you covered if you want to come to a game! #Oscars." Iconic Chicago pizza place, Gino's East, also tweeted "If anyone knows who #garyfromchicago is, have him tweet us because we want to give him some pizza #Oscars."

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A couple from Chicago was the highlight of the Oscars on Sunday night.

Patrick and Yulree Chun, who were among the tour bus visitors, said they were celebrating their honeymoon.

"I know some people who got married by Denzel Washington," Kimmel told the couple.

"He wasn't available," Yulree Chun joked.

Kimmel's visitors made their way in front of the crowd and shook Guillermo's hand as they exited Dolby Theater.
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