Crews install fence around collapsed Pacifica beach path

PACIFICA, Calif. (KGO) -- A popular beach trail on Esplanade Avenue in Pacifica is closed after a sink hole swallowed up the path on Sunday.

Crews are working to put up a chain link fence around the path that collapsed.

Right now, there is yellow caution tape along the path, with a sign warning people that there is no beach access.

The problem with sinkholes is they don't go away. In fact, this problem in Pacifica is only getting bigger. A photo taken on Friday by Tera Killip shows two sinkholes around the concrete path.

Then on Sunday, the sinkhole ate away at the only coastal access path at the beach. "To see this entire area destroyed like it is, it's unprecedented," photographer Dave Moorehouse said.

This whole area has seen the ocean eat away at the land. Just last week, Earth crumbled underneath 310 Esplanade Avenue and that apartment complex was yellow tagged last winter.

Recently, two other buildings were recently demolished because of erosion. However, it's obvious why people want to live in the area as the view is spectacular and until recently a walk on the beach was just a stroll away. "I thought about buying in this area, specifically because I like to take my dog to the beach every morning and for this exact reason decided not to," Pacifica resident Kim Walter said.

The city says the Oceanaire Apartment complex is responsible for the management of this path.

Workers referred ABC7 News to their corporate offices in southern California who have not released a statement at this time.
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