Governor Gavin Newsom responds to Cal Fire's report clearing PG&E of blame in Tubbs Fire

SACRAMENTO (KGO) -- The cause of the 2017 Tubbs Fire that killed 22 in Sonoma County has officially been released.

Cal Fire investigators blame the Tubbs Fire not on PG&E but on a private electrical system.

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"Homes were destroyed, lives were destroyed, lives were lost and our obligation is to get a detailed, accurate report out to the public and that's what our investigators did," said Mike Mohler, Cal Fire deputy director.

The cause clears PG&E of any wrongdoing relating to the largest Wine Country fire in 2017.

This brings much relief for the utility giant, which plans to file for bankruptcy protection next week-- citing billions of dollars in potential damages from other deadly wildfires.

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Governor Gavin Newsom says he's not sure what PG&E will do next.

"PG&E was found not to be liable, that said, PG&E is liable for 17 others in 2017," said Newsom.

The Governor made clear that this in no way lets PG&E off the hook for other wildfires still under investigation, including last year's deadliest and most destructive fire in state history, the Camp Fire.

"My focus is not on PGE, it's on California and Californians," added Newsom. "My focus is on safe, reliable and affordable service."

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Cal Fire says while they have determined where the fire started, it's possible that public power lines still may have caused additional fires in the area due to extreme weather conditions.

Gov. Newsom acknowledged that not everyone would be pleased with Thursday's announcement but says he has no reason to believe the findings are flawed and has full confidence in Cal Fire's investigation.

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