Philadelphia teen's good deed gives homeless man a second chance

PHILADELPHIA -- A teen's good deed towards a homeless man is now giving that man a new start in life.

A few days ago, an ambitious Dejour Williams embarked on a mission to find opportunity. Not exactly for himself, but for another person. Someone in need of a second chance, someone like Hosea Twiggs, who's homeless but hopeful for change.

"I'm in transition. I'm on the street right now, in transition to get work so that I can get off the streets," said Twiggs of Center City.

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At 17-years-old, Dejour already owns a booming lawn mowing business that keeps the high school senior incredibly busy. He and his mother Lakeia Williams also run a non-profit called "We Can Do Better."

Lakeia Williams said, "Our goal is to help bring people back together in our city and help those who have fallen down on luck."

In their spare time, the mother and son volunteer at Hub of Hope, a Center City non-profit that seeks to break the cycle of homelessness. They worked together to find someone who wanted to do just that, all with the help of a lawnmower.

"They didn't have to do it. All these other people here, they chose me, and I feel really happy," said Twiggs.

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On Wednesday, the teen gave the lawnmower to Twiggs.

After some tips, words of encouragement and promises to keep in touch, they went their separate ways.

Equipped with a newly found confidence, Twiggs met his first potential customer before he even walked out the door.

Dejour says he hopes this story inspires others to give back particularly in ways that equip people to better themselves.
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