CONSUMER CATCH-UP: IRS increasing visits to high-income taxpayers who haven't filed returns, Uber allows riders to report their drivers during the ride, Nissan launches new subscription service

SAN FRANCISCO (KGO) -- IRS to increase in-person visits to high-income taxpayers who haven't filed returns

The Internal Revenue Service will be knocking on the doors of more high-income taxpayers this year.

The IRS announced Wednesday that they are increasing their efforts to make in-person visits to more taxpayers with incomes over $100,000 who haven't filed a tax return. The visits will be taking place in February and March, and can be either pre-planned or unannounced. IRS officers will be informing the taxpayers of the necessity of filing a return, and work with them to come into compliance. The IRS will prioritize "particularly egregious" cases first.

"The IRS is committed to fairness in the tax system, and we want to remind people across all income categories that they need to file their taxes," said Paul Mamo, director of collection operations in the agency's small business/self employed division.

Riders can now "discreetly" report their Uber drivers' behavior during rides

Uber is now allowing riders to "discreetly" report on their drivers as the ride is taking place.

The new updated Uber app has a "report safety issue" feature so riders can send a written message to Uber, informing them of any issues experienced during the ride. The new feature will allow riders to report any instances that may not rise to the point of an emergency, but still make the rider feel unsafe during any point on their trip -- all without drawing the attention of the driver. Uber provided examples such as "harsh braking," "inappropriate remarks," or a driver not paying attention on the road.

Uber says their goal is to encourage more reporting which will ultimately help make the app safer for everyone. Uber introduced an in-app panic button back in 2018 which allowed riders to contact 911 - but of course, not all situations require calling the police.

The new feature is available on the app starting today.

Nissan testing subscription service that allows a different car every day

Nissan is the latest automaker to get into the vehicle subscription service.

The subscription service is called "Nissan Switch," and allows users to borrow cars -- even a new car every day. Delivery, cleaning, insurance, maintenance and other necessities are included.

The subscription comes in two tiers. The $699-a-month plan offers users cars such as the Altima, Rogue, Pathfinder, and Frontier; the $899-a-month plan offers the Leaf Plus, Maxima, Murano, Armada, Titan, and 370Z coupe. (The GT-R is also available on the more expensive plan, but requires an additional $100 per day charge.) Users will have to pay a $495 "membership activation fee" on top of their monthly charge.

Nissan Switch is currently being tested in Houston, Texas.

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