Pit bull hero saves his family from fire

BEACHWOOD, N.J. (KGO) -- Some say "Zeus" the pit bull is really good dog. But if you ask his family, they'll tell you that he's a hero for helping them escape from a fire in the middle of the night.

Jeremy Brown says he and his girlfriend and both his parents were sound asleep when the fire started at their New Jersey home.

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Brown is thankful to Zeus for waking them up.

"If I didn't open my door, you could see the black smoke that rushed right into the fire alarm, even melted it, and it wouldn't have went off! That door is pretty sealed, so thankful to have him wake me up when he did because it really would have been worse," said Brown during an interview with WMBC.

The Beachwood Volunteer Fire Department says because of the dog's quick action, they were able to respond promptly.

Brown says his dog made all the difference.

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