Danville officer who shot man last week, fatally shot man while on duty in 2018

DANVILLE, Calif. (KGO) -- ABC7 has learned that a Danville police officer who shot a man this week, also shot and killed a man while on duty in 2018.

Police identified the officer Saturday evening.

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According to police, Officer Andrew Hall was questioning a homeless man standing in the middle of Sycamore Valley Road Thursday.

Officials say the man, identified tonight 32-year-old Tyrell Wilson, pulled out a knife and advanced toward Officer Hall.

That's when Hall fired his weapon.

Wilson remains in critical condition at the hospital

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Hall, who has been an officer for more than seven years,is on paid administrative leave, which is department policy.

But we are also learning that Hall was involved in a deadly shooting in November 2018.

Hall shot and killed 33-year-old Laudemer Arboleda of Newark, who police say led officers on a pursuit, and steered his vehicle toward an officer.

Witnesses at the time disputed that claim from police.
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