Bay Area government employees affected by shutdown rally

SAN FRANCISCO (KGO) -- Local government employees who haven't been able to work because of the shutdown held a rally in San Francisco Thursday outside the Environmental Protection Agency's Region 9 headquarters.

James Munson brought his three-month-old son Ryan.

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"This is his first shutdown," joked Munson.

His humor was short lived.

"I can have a garage sale that sells everything I own and it won't be enough for one month's rent," he explained.

Munson is not alone.

"I'm struggling a lot right now-- I'm not able to pay my rent, I've had to ask for an extension," said EPA employee Sarah Samples.

For these government employees, it's as much about being able to work as it is about earning a paycheck.

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Rebecca Jamison coordinates cleanups from petroleum contamination.

"We have two serious cleanups that are halted because of this. What does that mean for our environment? Potential risks to drinking water for thousands of people," said Jamison.

"I want to be doing my job. I want to be serving the public," said Samples.

"We have all these people who are out there risking their health for their job for their mission without any guarantee of compensation," said Liz Janes, an EPA database administrator.

"This is just unconscionable," Janes continued.

EPA employees were joined by NASA and IRS employees as well including Venetia Washington who worries about the upcoming tax season at the IRS.

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"Won't be nobody there. Who is going to assist the public," asked Washington rhetorically.

A rally with no end in sight and patience and money wearing thin.
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