Gov. Jerry Brown fires back at Sessions' federal lawsuit

SACRAMENTO, Calif. (KGO) -- Calling it a "reign of terror," Governor Jerry Brown minced no words in his response to what he considers a declaration of war from U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions, who announced Wednesday the filing of a federal lawsuit against the state of California for its sanctuary policies.

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"What Jeff Sessions said is completely not true," said Brown. "I call on him to apologize to the people of California."

Brown said Sessions told three "lies" about California: that it protects criminals, has open borders and that the state wants to secede from the rest of the country.

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Speaking at a law enforcement event in Sacramento, Sessions did not mention Brown by name, but he did talk about what he considers the missteps of Lt. Governor Gavin Newsom and state attorney general Xavier Beccera, saying California's position as a sanctuary state "directly and adversely impact the work of our federal officers."

Sessions' speech was met with protests outside a Sacramento hotel and with strong opposition inside the state capitol, where Governor Brown and Beccera stood shoulder to shoulder.

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"It really demeans the high office to which he has been appointed, " Brown said of Sesssions.

Brown also talked about the contributions undocumented immigrants have made to his state, saying millions have lived and worked here for many years and are a big part of California's economy, which the governor called the "engine" of America's economy."

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