Local Lawyer heads to the border to help migrant caravan

SAN FRANCISCO (KGO) -- President Donald Trump once again criticized a caravan of migrants from Central America who are seeking asylum in the United States. This is not the first convoy of its kind, but this time it is high profile because of the President's immigration stance. He has called the caravan "a mess" and threat to the nation's security.

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The migrants, mostly women and children from Central America have been traveling by train, bus or on foot through Mexico for nearly a month. They say they are fleeing violence and persecution in their home countries. They have now reached the border at the San Diego crossing,but have been told by U.S. customs that the processing center is full. About 200 have camped out in Tijuana in a waiting game with the Trump administration.

Jehan Laner Romero is a San Francisco attorney, one of dozens nationwide who went to Tijuana this weekend to advise the migrants of their rights as they attempt to go through the established legal protocol. Laner Romero says denying entry "is a terrible position for the United States to take. It contravenes Itnernational law. we are a beacon of hope." The attorneys held legal workshops and individual consultations.

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She calls it a humanitarian crisis, but Howard Epstein, Vice-Chair of the San Francisco Republican party believes the caravan is an attempt to undermine the law. Epstein says, "i don't think we owe it to them to process them. If they want to come here, they should abide by our rules and regulations and come as we allow them. "

Seeking asylum is a rigorous and lengthy process. Crossing the border would be just the beginning for the migrants. Out of the 200 asylum cases from last year's caravan, only 4 were granted asylum or relief.

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