Reflecting on the Crisis at the Border: Different points of view

MCALLEN, Texas (KGO) -- I've just returned from Texas, following an invitation to meet Rep. Jackie Speier during her investigation of conditions at detention centers for children and families at the Texas border.

And I also talked exclusively with a border guard to get his unique perspective on a very tense situation.

The congressional delegation investigating the detention facilities came away filled with outrage over what they saw. The people who are in charge of the facility feel they are being unfairly portrayed.

Chris Cabrera is a 17-year border guard veteran. He's seen a lot. He told me he thinks it's good to have transparency and that they have nothing to hide. Agents, he said, are doing the job humanely and the best they can with what they have. And that they care about their community.

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Cabrera says many are trying to get away from El Salvador, Nicaraugua, Honduras, and Mexico. They're afraid of their own government systems, the military, the police, the cartels and the gangs.

But, he said, once the immigrants see the green shirts on the border patrol, they know they're safe.

We know a lot of people are very passionate about these issues so we've linked ways for you to Take Action.

Visit this page to find ways to contact your government representatives, how to send items directly to the Catholic Charities shelter helping immigrants, and help with your rights when it comes to justice, equality and civil liberties.

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