Valerie Jarrett says there's a difference between 'Me Too' movement and Biden accusations

SAN FRANCISCO (KGO) -- President Barack Obama's former senior adviser Valerie Jarrett stopped by Midday Live and talked about some hot political topics.

Jarrett says the crowded pool of democrats running for President is "terrific to have all these talented people that want to put themselves in the arena and compete and earn the trust. We'll see who emerges."

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Jarrett worked with former Vice President Joe Biden "day in and day out" while serving eight years in the White House and she wants to separate the "Me Too" movement from the women who have come forward to say Biden made them feel uncomfortable.

"We hugged a lot," Jarrett said about her and Biden. She made it clear that she was not uncomfortable. Jarrett also shared a story about a message Biden gave her after her father died. "He (Biden) sat with his knee up against my knee, he said, your tears when you think about your dad will go from tears to smiles, and he was right," Jarrett said.

Jarrett also addressed President Trump's comment that "Obama separated the children" at the California/Mexico border and President Trump's claim that the cages to separate kids from their families were built by the Obama administration. Jarred said those claims are "simply not true".

You can watch more, including additional comments about President Trump, in the video above.

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