Purple Heart found in purse bought at thrift store

RIPLEY, West Virginia (KGO) -- A West Virginia woman is looking for help to find the rightful owner of a Purple Heart she found in purse she bought at a thrift store.

Carrie Myers discovered the medal and a photograph inside the purse almost two years ago.

The name on the back of the medal says James F. Sneed.

Purple Heart found in purse bought at thrift store.

Myers says she's been diligently trying to track down Sneed or his family, but hasn't had any luck.

"I tried, you know, going locally going through the phone book and through personal [contacts], but nobody seems to know," she said.

Myers posted the information about the medal on Facebook and also notified the West Virginia Department of Veterans Assistance.

Purple Heart found in purse bought at thrift store.

She says it's a mission she's determined to accomplish because her cousin is Jessica Lynch, the soldier captured by Iraqi forces then later rescued by U.S. troops.

"They put their on life on the line for someone like me, for my family, for my kids to live their life, and live freely," Myers said.

She says it's extremely upsetting to know that Sneed doesn't have his medal anymore, but she isn't going to give up until the medal is back where it belongs.

"It will be great," she said. "Just to know that I was able to help, it will mean something to me to know it's back where it belongs."
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