QUICK TIP: Getting your cell phone repaired in Fremont

SAN FRANCISCO (KGO) -- Does your cell phone need repair? Michael Finney has a 7 On Your Side Quick Tip for you!

Fremont, California, is a hotbed of cell phone repair. There are nearly a dozen shops here that can do at least some kind of work on your cell phone.

If your smart screen is broken, you can get it fixed here. Want a battery replaced? That's a specialty here in Fremont. Want to take your phone to another carrier? They can help you with that, too.

And here's the really cool part. Many of these repairs can be done in less than a half an hour.

So, drop off your phone, get a coffee, and then be on your way. Here in Fremont, there's a culture of "repair," not just "replace."

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