Ridgecrest's 7.1 earthquake has similarities to what Bay Area could face, USGS geophysicist says

RIDGECREST, Calif. (KGO) -- Gov. Gavin Newsom declared a state of emergency after two earthquakes hit Ridgecrest more than 300 miles from the Bay Area.

"We got to be prepared. This is a wake-up call not for this community, it's reality for this community, but it's a wake-up call for the rest of the state," said Gov. Newsom.

The 7.1 magnitude earthquake hit yesterday but the shaking hasn't stopped.

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There is in fact a 27 percent chance of a magnitude 6.0 earthquake in the next week and a 3 percent chance of an even bigger one getting closer to a 7 or above, according to experts.

More than 3,000 aftershocks have jolted the Searle's Valley, cracking road and buildings. Gov. Newsom asked for Californians to begin an emergency plan.

"If your daughter is at school and your son is at camp then you had some consideration that you can't just pick up your phone and all reconvene and you think about, 'worst case scenario when we can't talk we're going to go to this site," said Newsom.

USGS Geophysicist from Ole Kaven says Ridgecrest's magnitude 7.1 earthquake has similarities to the ones we could face in the Bay Area.

"It's a strike slip-fault, the depth was about 10 miles and all of those aspects are very similar to what could happen on a Hayward or Calaveras type event," said Kaven.
How prepared are you?

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Janae Masinis lives in Alameda and says she doesn't have a plan: "I feel much unprepared. I don't know what's coming, how big it's going to be and where I'm going to be located at the time."

John Walsh, Alameda County Fire Division Chief, said having supplies for 72 hours like food and water are some of the essentials.

"The most important feature is drinking water, that's the very most important thing. A set of gloves, maybe some goggles non-perishables food items," said Walsh.

No death or major injuries have been reported.

On Sunday, the assessing of the Ridgecrest are will begin but on Saturday, Gov. Newsom said the damage could surpass the 10 to 100's of millions of dollars after these two major earthquakes.
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