Nearly bare ring bearer steals the spotlight at Texas wedding

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Friday, December 19, 2014
Superman Drawls

LUBBOCK, TX -- A Texas couple's walk down the aisle has gone viral thanks to a nearly-naked skate down the aisle.

Shanna and Bobby recruited a friend to deliver their wedding rings during the ceremony in a former Lubbock church. That friend's delivery method, recorded by Skyfly Studios, was posted on Reddit and is now a YouTube hit.

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When the groom asked his best man for the rings, the best man held out empty hands. Seconds later, the sounds of roller skates echo through the space. On those skates was a man dressed only in Superman briefs.

At first, there's nervous laughter from the crowd, but seconds later the guests are in hysterics when they realize it's a joke. Bobby steps off the altar to collect the rings from his nearly naked delivery man who then skates out.

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After the ceremony, the couple told guests they just wanted to do something fun and different and never realized the skating ring bearer would go viral on the internet, KCBD-TV reports. They say the stunt did accomplish its main goal: That roll down the aisle had everyone rolling in the aisles.