Ron Livingston and Stephanie Szostak talk about starring in 'A Million Little Things'

ByJennifer Matarese KGO logo
Wednesday, September 26, 2018
Ron Livingston and Stephanie Szostak talk about starring in 'A Million Little Things'
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Jennifer Matarese interviews Ron Livingston and Stephanie Szostak about playing Jon and Delilah.

NEW YORK -- A Million Little Things isn't only used to describe friendship in this new ABC drama, but also the reasons Jon Dixon committed suicide.

Ron Livingston plays Jon and Stephanie Szostak plays his wife Delilah. They are two pieces of the puzzle in the largely talented ensemble cast.

Jon met his three best friends while stuck in an elevator and their lives have been intertwined ever since.

"The heart and soul of the show is in the relationships that everybody has with each other," Livingston said.

Jon always seemed to be the wise one in the group and was always there for everyone, but in the beginning of the show he leaps from the balcony of his office to his death.

"It's a character that is central to the show that I get to play for a little while, and then much of who the character is, is played by all of the other actors," Livingston said. "Each of them has their own perspective on who that guy was and what their own relationship with that guy was."

Jon left behind a mysterious blue folder with his assistant. Slowly, we begin to learn a little bit of what he left behind, but sometimes the viewer is just left with more questions.

"You'd hope that there was a note, but there would be no one reason," Szostak said.

Delilah is seemingly a heartbroken widow, left behind with two kids, but there is a dark, guilt-ridden side to her story.

"I was really moved by the script. First of all, it made me think of my friends and all of the ups and downs and of the loss and the addictions and the separation in my mid-40s and it made me look back and think, look at all we've gone through and sort of imagine what would happen," Szostak said.

The show starts off very heavy, and you can feel the grief permeating the storyline, but Livingston and Szostak promise that you will get invested in the mysteries and lives of all of the characters, and less on the sadness.

However, this show is full of emotion, so keep your tissue box handy.

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