Washing machine recall stuck in spin cycle for Petaluma family

PETALUMA, Calif. (KGO) -- Getting a refund for a recalled washing machine turned into an 18-month ordeal for one local woman.

Samsung recalled some 2.8 million washing machines back in 2016. With a recall that size, you can expect a few hiccups.

Jan Johnson shows us her Samsung washing machine. It's one of 34 top-loading models recalled back in November 2016.

She remembers reading about it in the newspaper. "If you put a whole bunch of stuff in it, it will really vibrate and I think that's why things flew around," said Jan.

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There were more than 730 reports of excessive vibration and nine reports of the lid flying off and injuring people.

At first Jan opted in for the free repair offered by Samsung.

She was instructed to only use the washer on the delicate cycle.

That didn't make her happy.

"Dark T-shirts would come out with a scum. Linty, linty thing. So sometimes I have to redo it," she said.

She decided to put in for a full refund, which was available for those who bought their machines less than 30 days before the recall. It involved tons of correspondence and phone calls with Samsung

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"Look at all these emails from Samsung. Every time I would call and say or they would call me and they want more information."

She waited and waited for her check. Finally they told her the check had been sent.

It was direct deposited to a bank in Billings, Montana.

"Why in Billings? I live in Petaluma, California," asked Jan. "Oh, no, that's what you requested. You told us to send it there,' the representative told her. But, "I said 'no, I did not tell you that,'" Jan says.

Jan doesn't watch TV, but her husband suggested she contact 7 On Your Side.

We looked into it, and discovered the check had been misdirected to another Jan Johnson who did live in Montana.

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Samsung told us, "We are listening to and learning from every consumer's experience. We regret Ms. Johnson's experience and we have followed up with her to resolve the matter to her satisfaction."

Jan has received a check for $599.

She says she's going to start watching TV.

"I'm going to start watching his program (laughter) I'm not a TV person, but I really thank 7 On Your Side," Jan said.

Jan's a fighter and tells us she would have gone to Samsung's headquarters in South Korea if she had to to get her refund.

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