'Selfie Santa' to make the rounds at mall in San Francisco

SAN FRANCISCO, Calif. (KGO) -- This is one of those stories about something that has not happened yet, but will. We're warning in advance, you'll need to get used to it -- at least in San Francisco's Westfield Mall.

The selfie Santa.

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That's right. The days of going to a mall, visiting Santa in a holiday scene and paying a few bucks for a picture may be going the way of bank tellers and phone books.

Here, Santa will be wandering the halls as a photo-op. Why not? If you won't get off your phone and come to Santa, now he will come to you, beginning December 7.

The mall wants to make him more accessible via social media.

And it's good marketing, too.

We already knew that he could be in many places at once.

Now add Instagram.

The Santa Selfie -- there's an app for that.

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