Sausalito closes in on drone regulations after uptick in incidents

SAUSALITO, Calif. (KGO) -- The City of Sausalito is about to put legislation in place to regulate the use of drones.

City leaders have noticed an uptick in use that is annoying in some cases and threatening and harassing in others.

Vice Mayor Joe Burns told ABC7 News an example of someone flying a drone into a stranger's home and down the hallway- and it had a camera on it that was recording the flight.

He also said someone flew their drone outside a woman's window while she was changing clothes. The new law would prohibit flying a drone within 25 feet of people.

A drone cannot be used to harass or intimidate a person and no recording is allowed where someone has a reasonable expectation of privacy. You also wouldn't be able to fly a drone while intoxicated. The law passed with a 5-0 vote. It will be read and discussed again next week. If it is still approved, it could be in place within a month. This is following the lead of a major landmark in Sausalito - the Golden Gate Bridge.

The bridge is a drone free zone. The bridge district said it had to pass that rule after drones were landing on people's cars and causing a safety issue. A spokesperson says it is time for Congress to create more regulations for amateur drone users.
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