Thieves target Danville Costco for second time in 2 weeks

Byby Melanie Woodrow KGO logo
Saturday, May 20, 2017
Thieves target Danville Costco for second time in 2 weeks
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For the second time in two weeks, thieves targeted the Danville Costco on Fostoria Way.

DANVILLE, Calif. (KGO) -- For the second time in two weeks, thieves targeted a Danville Costco on Fostoria Way and got away with jewelry. This time shots were fired.

The robbers reportedly entered the Costco armed with a hammer and gun as their getaway driver waited outside. "Another one, it's crazy," said Abiu Demilew, who works in Danville.

"For a very normally safe area, it's frightening that you could go to a Costco and something like this could happen," said Danville resident Rhonda Alley.

Danville's police chief says the suspects fired shots. "One shot was fired inside Costco that went up in the air and then outside in the parking lot, another shot was discharged up in the air," he said.

A Danville spokesperson says when a Costco employee tried to intervene, one of the suspects fired the gun. No one was shot, but an ambulance did transport a customer who, according to the spokesperson, was treated for shock.

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Early last week, three men wearing hoodies and one in a ski mask entered the store about closing time. One acted as a lookout while the other two smashed the jewelry counter with a hammer.

Two of the men got away. A Costco employee tackled a held a third suspect until police arrived.

This time everyone got away. "We don't have any conclusive link between the two other than the obvious," Danville's police chief said.

The spokesperson says they hopped in a silver Toyota Camry with paper plates.

According to police scanner traffic, the suspects got away with two Rolex watches.

Police released the suspect's descriptions over scanners. "First, wearing all black clothing. Second, wearing a black hoodie, gray sweatpants with a white mask, possible a "Scream" ghost or a flu mask."

As investigators processed the crime scene, employees directed traffic, letting customers know they were closed for the time being.

"Hope they catch them," Alley said.

Costco reopened later Friday afternoon. It's unclear whether the surveillance cameras outside could help investigators.