Dressbarn to close after 60 years in business

VACAVILLE, Calif. (KGO) -- After nearly 60 years in business, the Dressbarn is closing its doors for good.

The news was not welcomed by the shoppers we spoke with including Hayward's Maribel Prado.

"I always know they are here and they always have my size," she told us. "To find out they are going to close, well, now I am wondering if they going to close all the stores, or just this location. I am just worried about that."

The sad news is all 650 stores across the country will close, leaving more than 6,500 employees in limbo.

When I met consumer Suzanne Clark, she had just been shopping at the Vacaville Dressbarn. She tells me she stopped by, in part, to make sure she used all of her Daisy Dollars.

"Daisy Bucks are money you earn when you spend so much money and you get points," she explained, "then get five dollars off for every five dollars you spend".

She bought a few items and used up all of her outstanding Daisy Dollars.

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Gift Card Girlfriend, Shelley Hunter, says that is a good idea. Shelley's blog can be found on Giftcards.com.

"It is really smart to use all your points, all your gift cards, use it now because we don't know when the store closest to you will close," Shelley says. "We also don't know if Dressbarn will decide to stop honoring those programs."

Shelley says this store closing is different than most others because there is no bankruptcy involved and that means no judge to watch over things.

"It is just the company deciding" -- which sounds great. Shelley warns, "But that doesn't mean they can't decide tomorrow to shut everything down. I do not see any reason for it to be urgent, other than they want to close down leases and things like that."

Published reports predict it will take six to twelve months to shut down all the stores, but the process is expected to start soon.

The parent company says there will be no changes to the current return, refund, gift card policies, and loyalty reward programs.

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