San Jose State University police release body cam video 5 years after shooting, killing man

SAN JOSE, Calif. (KGO) -- San Jose State Police released video five years after officers shot and killed Antonio Lopez.

"I'm glad but I'm mad," said Laurie Valdez who was Lopez's common-law wife.

Valdez and Lopez share a young son together.

Valdez wanted more than just this video clip to be released, including the dispatch tapes, and the body cam video from the other officers who were present.

Valdez said, "The officers who were the perpetrators, they were the perpetrators and Antonio is the victim. Because Antonio was not aggressive, he did not do what they were saying."

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Investigators, the DA, and two federal judges say the tazing and shooting were justified after officers found Lopez walking near campus with some sort of blade.

In the video, you can see Lopez is tazed, then starts running. The 38-year-old was shot twice in the back and died at the hospital.

Officers insist Lopez was a threat.

Richard Konda is with the Asian Law Alliance and said, "When I saw it the first time it baffled me why they found it necessary to shoot and kill him."

And now that the body cam video is available to the public, anyone can watch it and come to their own conclusion.

Jesslyn Cabangbang is a San Jose resident and said, "Still not called for to shoot him."

Jessie Garcia agreed and said, "You're innocent until proven guilty."
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