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MANHATTAN, New York -- Bodhi is an 8-year-old Shiba Inu. He was appropriately named after Patrick Swayze's iconic role as the leader of a surfing gang in the movie "Point Break."

Back in 2013 on a lazy Sunday afternoon, Ralph Lauren designer, Yena Kim, and her graphic design partner decided to dress Bodhi up in men's clothing on a whim.

Kim said, "Immediately Bodhi's face lit up and he started posing in 45 degree angles, we just had to capture it."

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She posted the first image of him on social media as a joke. That joke quickly snowballed into something bigger when the next day she was contacted by GQ, the men's lifestyle magazine.

Kim said her world immediately changed, "Suddenly there was a dog out there and he dresses better than you!"

Now, Bodhi has over 355,000 followers on Instagram.

Bodhi has since been featured in campaigns for Coach, Casper, Ted Baker, Brooks Brothers just to name a few. Recently Kim has been asked to stylize an entire line of menswear for Express.

Express launched a first-to-retail work concept store in Manhattan, designed to be New York's nine-to-night destination, providing a truly interactive shopping experience. The new space will become the Express customer's go-to location for versatile work and after-work essentials.

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The night we met Bodhi, he was dressed for 'nine-to-night' series, wearing a tailored Express shirt for the event. During the panel, Kim shared tips with the audience on how to build a unique personal brand.

Kim's life has drastically changed as well. The income from endorsements and product campaigns has enabled her to quit her job as a designer at Ralph Lauren to Dress Her dog in men's clothing full time, as well as consult for social media and brand building.

To see more adorable photos of Bodhi, check out MenWearDog's blog or Instagram account.

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