Early morning dance parties on rise in San Francisco

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Party lovers are turning SF's club scene upside down. Some partiers are now doing their dance moves in the morning. (KGO-TV)

Innovative party lovers are turning San Francisco's club scene upside down. Instead of drinks and dancing into the wee hours, some hard core partiers are now doing their dance moves at 6:30 in the morning -- stone cold sober and ready to rock.

Two different groups, Morning Gloryville and Daybreaker, are now hosting early morning dance parties about once a month, attracting hundreds people looking for a fun way to start the day. No alcohol allowed.

Rachel Torro is resident disc jockey for Morning Gloryville. She says it's a lot different than a late night event in a bar. "Everybody is sober. Everybody is smiling. You can see everybody's faces."

A recent Daybreaker party took place on a Hornblower Yacht sailing around San Francisco Bay.

"We can really move around because we don't need a bar and need alcohol in a bar and a liquor license will constrain a lot of parties," said Stephanie Lepp, Daybreaker producer.

The day started with yoga for people who wanted to ease into the action. Then at 7:30 a.m. the boat shoved off with a guarantee to be docked by 9 a.m. so people can go to work

The parties happen at all different locations around the city. Stephanie Lepp, producer of the Daybreaker parties, points out they "can really move around because we don't need a bar and needing alcohol and a bar and a liquor license is what will constrain a lot of parties."

Many people told us they do go to work after the early morning dancing, but at least one person admitted he was going home first to take a nap.

Morning Gloryville started in London two years ago and has since spread to 23 cities around the world. The first party in San Francisco was a year ago. Daybreaker started in the city about the same time.

"You get swept up in the communal joy and energy of this place and you dance it out," said Dijon, storyteller.

"It's really nice that it's in the morning before anyone is tired yet," said Tessa Toscano, nursing student.

The two companies cooperate so the parties are not on the same day and they both get a lot of return customers. If you get tired of the dancing, you can get a massage or even try out a bicycle powered smoothie machine.

"There is a huge movement about being able to be social and sober. Just being socially sober is cool," said blogger Ryan Bell, who was dressed in a crazy pink costume for the Daybreaker event.

All ages are welcome and some people do bring small children. Mother Katie Dauser explained, "It's hard for me to get out at night -- and I can definitely make it to this event in the morning with my baby."

Ticket prices range from $18 to $35 -- with each company offering slightly different deals, with or without yoga and food, but one thing they share is a lot of devoted fans.

Written and produced by Jennifer Olney
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